Our clinics has implemented the new methodology of examination of teeth and periodontal tissues - 3D X-ray imaging. It is very informative and precise examination, enabling to evaluate tissues of teeth and jawbone and their lesions very precisely. An image can be seen in 3 different planes in cuts of thickness up to 75 microns.

In case of usual X-ray images, when the lesion is located in front or behind the plane image, visualisation or diagnosis of lesions are impossible, because the image is simply projected on the tissues of higher density.

3D images precisely show lesions in teeth coronas, roots, periodontal tissues, as well as, quality of channel fillers, foreign bodies. Also, additional channels of teeth are perfectly visible, which are very difficult or impossible to see in usual X-ray images of teeth.

3D images are perfect method of diagnostics before and after operations of implantation, sinus lift, or bone restoration.

Clinics can make  3D X-ray images of small size 50X50 mm and images of all jawbones 90X60X130mm.

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Asta Juknienė

Physician of general practice, dentist. Clinic manager.

Ugnė Sadauskienė

General practice dentist, Orthodontic resident in Vilnius university, performs 3...

Irena Tuminskienė

Dental assistant.