Main reasons of gum infection diseases are bacterial teeth deposits and concretions. If these deposits are not brushed regularly and fully, they intrude between tooth and gums like a sticking-plaster. This leads to gum pockets, further promoting illness development. Professional teeth cleaning by mouth hygienist prevents development of periodontal tissue illnesses. Hygienist removes teeth deposits using special tools and medicines. He teaches children and adults to brush teeth correctly, selects suitable means of mouth hygiene.

In case of infection of periodontal tissues of certain form, exact agent of disease is determined. Then really effective medicines will be prescribed and treatment results will be excellent. No more blind prescription of medicines, and their replacement in case of unsuccess. 

Genetic bias for periodontal tissue illnesses is determined (genotype is determined by examination of mucous swab). Person with such risk should observe mucous condition, visit mouth hygiene specialists more often.


Audronė Rastauskaitė-Gudašienė

Dental assistant, Dental hygienist.