Laser teeth whitening is a popular and fast teeth aesthetics procedure. Research made by Prof. Dr. Andreas Moritz in university of Vienna showed that dental enamel was not affected after laser teeth whitening. When teeth are whitened using laser, whitening is deep – whitening material activated by laser reach not only enamel, but also dentin. Whitening effect lasts 4-5 years.

laser smile

LaserSmile ensures smooth, safe and effective teeth whitening just in one visit to the dentist! Whitening procedure LaserSmile is simple and pleasant.

How the laser teeth whitening is performed?

1. Special protection is applied to gums. 2. Then LaserSmile whitening material is professionally applied on teeth.  3. Whitening material is activated by laser with 15 second intervals, and applied additionally, if required. 4. Whitening material is washed off and gum protection is removed.

After whitening procedure LaserSmile you should further maintain normal oral hygiene, i.e. at least twice per day brush teeth and use dental floss. However, if you want to have your white smile long time, we recommend you to limit use of teeth colouring products such as coffee, tea, red wine, etc...

Does the system is applicable to crowns and binders?

Although results can be different, whitening procedures normally are not intended for crowns and binders. LaserSmile dentist will advice what you can expect.

Does this procedure is suitable for everyone?

LaserSmile procedure can be useful almost for everyone who wants to whiten tooth, except people alergic to gel constituents. Furthermore, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have special complaints, inform a dentist.

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