Aesthetic teeth filling is everyday practice in odontology. With modern filling materials single visit is enough for recovery of „lost nature“ and even improve it.

COMPONEER are new, fast and aesthetic restorations of front teeth. Their are direct composite veneers made of nano-hybride comosite. 

Dentist and patient have following benefits:

  • Spare tooth tissues;
  • Reduce visit duration and number of visits;
  • Avoid services of dental technicians and save time and money.

Direct composite veneers provide new and economic way for dentist and patient to create perfect smile. Individual bottom and top teeth may be restored with COMPONEER in single visit. Tooth tissue is polished minimally (~0.3 mm). COMPONEER are fixed simply with composite filling hardening in light, which is already long time used by dentists for restoration of our teeth. 


  • Your front teeth interdents were restored with fillings
  • Front teeth covered with filling
  • Fillings are discoloured
  • Bad adhesion of fillings to tooth tissue
  • Teeth are worn
  • Tooth angles are split-off
  • You have a gap between teeth
  • Teeth colour is not uniform
  • You have no time
  • You save money

We propose to restore natural and aesthetic your SMILE just IN SINGLE VISIT.

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Before and after


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Asta Juknienė

Physician of general practice, dentist. Clinic manager.

Giedrė Geidrichienė


Gabrielė Mačiuitytė

General practice dentist. Specializes in esthetic and restorative dentistry