Examination with digital periodontal probe


The bleeding gums is the first indicator of gum inflammation - gingivitis. As gingivitis develops, gums turn red, swells, starts bleeding when touched, may be painful. When you notice such indications, make appointment to the specialist, because untreated gingivitis can be complicated with time into a more severe illness - periodontitis – inflammation of tissues around the tooth and it destroys the tie that supports your tooth in the bone. Gums split from the teeth, and pockets are formed where bacteria, soft and hard plaque are accumulated.

Periodontal pocket is the main parameter indicating the periodontal disease, which is measured using periodontal probe. Origin of the word Probe is Latin Probo, which means testing. Thus,the periodontal probe is the main instrument to detect and measure such pockets.

Usually, the standard periodontal probe is used in everyday practice. However, its disadvantage is that the probing (pressing) force is not controlled, which leads to pain and loss of measurement precision.

OUR clinic carries out precise and painless examination of periodontologic patient, because the digital probe is applied. This perio-probe allows precise and painless measurement of periodontal pockets with the precise pressing force of 20 gr.

Advantages of digital perio-probe:

  • Precise and painless examination of patient
  • Precise diagnosis
  • Selection of proper treatment
  • Precise estimation of dynamics of disease and treatment.


Audronė Rastauskaitė-Gudašienė

Dental assistant, Dental hygienist.