In order to improve and to speed up the healing process after surgical procedures, the advanced biomembrane technology A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) can be applied.  PRF biomembrane is platelet rich fibrin obtained from the patient's blood. NO CHEMICALS ARE USED TO ACCELERATE THE HEALING PROCESS. The active ingredient of PRF IS BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE SUBSTANCES PRESENT IN THE PATIENT'S BLOOD.



  • Stops bleeding;
  • Promotes the formation of new blood vessels;
  • Stimulates restoration of bone and mucous membrane.

As a result:

  • Inflammation and swelling are reduced (especially during first seven days after surgical operation);
  • The risk of infection is reduced;
  • The smaller scar is formed.

 PRF is used with the following procedures:

  • Tooth removal;
  • Gum plastic surgery;
  • Periodontal treatment;
  • Bone plastic surgery;
  • Teeth implantation.

PRF method is especially recommended for patients with weakened immunity system, with diabetic diseases and smokers. PRF method reduces the risk of complications and pain. Smooth postoperative period is ensured.

PRF procedure: 

  • Before the surgical intervention, a small amount of blood is taken from patient's vein;
  • Test-tube with blood is placed into a special centrifuge and is centrifuged for 12 min. to separate blood cells into individual components;
  • At the end of the surgical procedure, the surgery area is covered with the biomembrane, which was prepared from the patients blood. Biomembrane protects the surgery area against potential infection and also promotes the healing process.


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Justas Šatkauskas

Oral, Face and Jaws Surgeon