Solo prophylaxis program for everyone and anyone individually.

We all are brushing our teeth, but frequently diagnosed periodontal diseases and dental caries makes us thing, what we are doing wrong. Everyday use of toothpastes, interdental brushes, interdental threads do not help to fight bleeding gums and bad mouth smell. So this reveals that mouth hygiene is not sufficient – uncleaned plaque remains, which contains plenty of bacteria and their toxins.

German and Swiss physicians have tried together to solve this issue by offering the special interdental brushes “Solo-stix“. It is difficult to remember the size of the selected common interdental brush, when it is indicated by specific numbers. And sometimes, several of them are needed. The playful colour range of “Solo-stix“ is attractive to eye and easily remembered.

“Swing" – single tooth brush adapted for cleaning of teeth surfaces which contain the most bacteria and in hardly accessible places. The aim of the Solo prophylaxis program is not only to familiarize patients with the developed products, but also to adapt them for everyone individually. To teach how to use them and control the healing process by inviting for re-examination, and, possibly, for selection of the new means.

Success of the Solo prophylaxis program lays in its consistency and simplicity of quality products.

Our knowledge + Your newly shaped skills = Health of your mouth


Audronė Rastauskaitė-Gudašienė

Dental assistant, Dental hygienist.