Treatment of mucous membrane and periodont is carried out using the advanced technology – water laser. Its cut is precise, sterile, without excessive bleeding, ensures fast and good scar-free healing.  

Main periodontal disorders

  • Gingivitis is the initial phase of periodontitis, which can be noticed from bleeding gums when you brush your teeth. This surficial inflammation of gums, which can progress to periodontitis, if regular and proper oral hygiene is not maintained.
  • Periodontitis is infections caused by microorganisms or plaque accumulation, which deteriorate tooth bands and adjacent bone. Periodontitis causes gum separation from tooth and the gum pocket is formed. With time gum pockets increase, their accumulate plaque and dental tartar. Further the process affects deeper tissues, jaw bone around tooth dissolves, teeth become loose and ultimately lost.

Basic symptoms of periodontal disorders:

  • Bleeding gums when brushing teeth;
  • Continuous bad smell from the mouth;
  • Red, swollen and sensitive gums;
  • Gum abscess causing bad taste in a mouth;
  • Naked dental roots;
  • Altered position of teeth and occlusion;
  • teeth loosening.


Periodontal tissue disorders are successfully treated using laser. Unique laser radiation feature is capability to remove just inflammation damaged tissue. Using laser, mucous membrane/periosteum does not need to be lifted. Damaged tissue exposed to laser ray is „evaporated“, capillary blood vessels, lymph vessels are closed. Therefore tissues are neither bleeding nor abscessed. After treatment, the same day you can normally eat and work.

Before and after


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